Sonia Tully: Intuitive Counselor & Coach

Sonia Tully is a 4th generation intuitive and astrologer, born into a family of mystics and healers. The daughter of revolutionary intuitive, Sonia Choquette, she taps into your higher self to help you better understand your soul lessons and purpose in this lifetime. Using a myriad of tools, including astrological charting, working with guides, and intuitive coaching, Sonia then leads in how to best accomplish your soul intentions at this time. 

She also guides you in how to recognize and overcome obstacles, shadows, and self-defeating patterns that would interfere with your success.

Sonia works exclusively by phone or Skype, in either single sessions or coaching series of three. Her deeply healing guidance brings about profound life changes and inner peace.



Intuitive coaching is a powerful way to rediscover your authentic self and connect to your Spirit.  Coaching reconnects you with your heart so you live with joy and trust. So many of us have lost our connection and trust in ourselves. We ignore our true selves, leaving us feeling frustrated and confused in our lives - whether it be in our careers, in our relationships or overall just feeling disconnected and unhappy with life.


When you choose to coach with me, you choose to step back into life . You stop fighting against life and start flowing with it.


Coaching is a powerful and transformative experience. With you directly at the helm of your own life, we remove the fog of confusion and tap into the power of your own creative fire to fulfill your hearts desires.


When we get out of our heads and back into our hearts, we stop trying to “figure it out” and connect to our deep and infinite wisdom of our Higher Self.  We all possess innate intelligence -our heart intelligence.  Connected to our Spirit, listening to our intuition -  our intellect and intuition working together, we create a life of beauty and flow.


I work on a soul level- this means we work on what’s under the surface. With a deeper connection and understanding the root of limiting patterns, we mend these wounds.  This deeper healing reconnects you to your Spirit. When connected to our Spirit, we trust and listen to our intuition.  Our head and hearts work together.  You no longer treat symptoms of an unconnected and unfulfilled life but overcome these patterns with love and compassion and move into confidence and empowerment.

I’ve been working as an intuitive guide and coach for over a decade and have been working as an apprentice to my mother for eight years.


It is my passion and my calling to help people rediscover their magic, fire, beauty and wisdom and help them manifest their hearts desires.  


If you’re interested in working together and creating the life you really want, I would love to connect for a free 15 minute consultation. During our conversation, you can get a feel for my style and approach, you’ll be able to ask any questions or address any concerns and see if this is a step you’re ready to take.  I look forward to hearing from you and I am sending you all my love.